FIFA is not expelling Russia

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FIFA informs the Russian Football Federation To play the upcoming game at a neutral field. On behalf of the football organization without the flag and national anthem

BBC, British media reported that the International Football Federation or FIFA ufabet announced the Russian national team. Cannot host or host an official international football game. By having to kick the field in the middle in the name of the Football Federation of Russia. Without the use of the national flag or play the national anthem News reports state. The decision follows Russia’s launch of military attacks on Ukraine since Thursday. but has not yet reach the stage of banning the competition Or drive off the route of the 2022 World Cup.

Where Russia is currently awaiting the play-off round in March. Still, FIFA said it would hold ongoing meetings. With other sporting bodies on whether Russia should be expell from the tournament, alongside discussions. With the International Olympic Committee and the European Football Federation. Previously, the Polish Football Federation. 

He has confirmed that he will not play against Russia in the semi-finals of the 2022 World Cup play-offs in March. and FIFA’s decision to keep the competition going This is unacceptable. Besides Poland, Sweden and the Czech Republic in the same line as Russia in the play-off round Will not play with the White Bear too if they go through to meet in the finals