Koeman believes Barca will remain strong even without Messi in command of the game

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Barcelona head coach Ronald Koeman believes that even without Lionel Messi. The squad remains strong and ready to challenge the season’s success. New Antoine Griezmann’s potential is expecte to be good enough to replace his position. Argentinian football star

Barcelona’s Dutch trainer Ronald Koeman expressed confidence that the army “I throw in” can cope with the absence of genius striker Lionel Messi in the team and believes Antoine Griezmann will step up to play his role.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner made the shocking news in world football last week. Because he and the club have announced their separation already. After working together for 21 years         

Although Messi has now waved goodbye to Camp Nou, Koeman insists. He is trying to look forward to the upcoming season. And felt that the strength of the army “Blue Pig Blood” is also full of quality. Ready to challenge the La Liga title and the UEFA Champions League.

“Despite saying goodbye to Leo Messi, we are still excited about the new season,” said Koema. Who recently led Barcelona to a 3-0 win over Juventus in their pre-season friendly. that we have The players we have just signed into the team. and the rising stars which is the future of this great club.”

 “We are confident that we will enter the field with determination this season. Along with helping each other fully, sacrificing for the team And do our best so that we can achieve maximum success,” said the Dutchman.

The striker Arjen Stein leave the club raises the question offensive line of Barca might be a problem with this pair, it is believed that Greece Munn substitute Messi “It’s important to do. in the best But we do not change our concept or way of playing. Griezmann will play in his position. And he’s definitely doing well.”