LaLiga Manager : Behind the La Liga Market

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Fans of the La Liga club will be able to follow with great enthusiasm in the transfer market of the teams they support this summer.

But do you know how the Spanish league transfer market works behind the scenes of agreeing to sign players? What will the officials of the two ufabet clubs involved do to formally complete the process before registering those new players with La Liga?

The first thing to know about this process is trading in La Liga. That is, each club has an online process involved. Since the summer of 2016, Spanish professional clubs have used software called LaLiga Manager to complete all transactions for the purchase of new players or the release of old players. From that day to the present Over 2000 player transfers are manage through this software. which makes transferring players easier. It really works and more secure

LaLiga Manager is an online tool

LaLiga Manager is an online tool that allows clubs to execute trades. And upload all relevant documents to the system. This ensures that every transaction is complete accurately and with complete verifiable information. 

The tool also contains all the details and regulations of FIFA, UEFA and LaLiga that must be follow, whether it be free-agent player contracts, player-affiliation discussions or transfers between players. team

The LaLiga Manager is also user friendly

The LaLiga Manager is also user friendly. Because this program can log in from anywhere. The person who logs in is then instruct to get the relevant information to the appropriate storage area. With a drop-down menu, the process is even easier. It’s as if they’re using an online banking application on their phone or booking a plane or train on the website.

When the agreement between the buying and selling clubs is complete And the new club has already negotiated personal agreements with the players. The director of the club to sign the player then opens the LaLiga Manager and immediately sends all details to LaLiga. If it is an agreement between two or more clubs in the Spanish La Liga, the selling club must delete. The list of players first left their team’s in-app list. After that, the purchased club can re-register that player.

Both clubs involved are require to enter all information regarding the transaction, the amount paid to the clubs agreeing to sell the players. Including the conditions in the new player’s contract and details of any representative relating to the terms of the contract. All clubs are require to provide these details. 

Regardless of whether the club that receives the player will negotiate with other teams in La Liga or abroad This step must also be done when young players are pushed up into the first team. In this case, the club will also have to upload photos of the players. Because this image will be used for licensing to play in La Liga. official