Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Once a legend, always a legend.. 2OLEGEND

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer ‘s final farewell to Manchester United as Manchester United manager and the three years of good times has been like a feast that brings back the joy of old Red Devils fans.

After announcing on Sunday morning that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer had stepped down as manager. After nearly three years in charge at Old Trafford He has created something important. and work on laying the foundation for long-term success for the ufabet club again

Causing many messages that are fill with warmth from all directions Dedicate to the man. Who will forever be a legend of Old Trafford. From his work both on and off the field

from the announcement Ole would like to take this opportunity to express his gratitude and appreciation to the players, staff, supporters and everyone at Manchester United for all their efforts. And the support came during his time in charge of the team.

This time, he spoke to the club’s media host, Stewart Gardner, in an interview with “Full of feelings” all that was in his mind. Go through the article that you are about to read from now on. 

It’s been almost three years that you’ve been in charge of the team. Looking back, are you proud?

“Proud.. very proud. Of course, it’s like a dream in my life. from the days of being a footballer After becoming a reserve team coach and then the next job. After the only dream that hasn’t been fulfilled is to become a club manager. And my dream has come true.”

“It’s like a dance party. It’s the happiest every second. from the first minute until it becomes the last minute So I want to thank all the players since I’ve been here. They are at the top. be a great person someone steppe in Some people have to walk away But all these players It’s a group that I work with and I’m very happy.”