Pep hits back at Klopp, Man City owners are not profiting from their own team

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Pep Guardiola has hit back at Jurgen Klopp ‘s remarks that other teams are ready to spend big bucks on big players, with the Spaniard saying it’s not an issue. What’s the problem with grabbing expensive players when they can? He also quipped that The owner of the Blue Sailing Team Do not want to come in to profit from their own ufabet team.

 Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has hit back at Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp’s remarks. That other clubs are ready to spend “unlimited money” to get big-name players. and was link to “The Blues” who spent 100 million pounds or about 4,600 million baht to grab Jack Grealish. 

    Klopp was aske by reporters about the fact that Liverpool had only recently signed a new player (Ibrahima Konate), who said the Reds had no money to spend on expensive players. How can other teams use the money limit?
    In this regard, Guardiola came out and replied before he had Cupid. “The Blues” made their Premier League debut against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday night, saying that what the club did was not wrong. Everything is in accordance with the financial rules that have already been set.    “I said last year that we can’t afford to pay £100 million,” Pep said.

    “We bought Jack Grealish because we sold players for 60 million pounds, so we paid 40 million pounds, otherwise we couldn’t have done it.”

    “Each club guides has its own history I’ve said it before. There are many team owners who want to make a profit for themselves. But our team owners don’t want profit. They want to invest in the team. If he could spend the money, he would.”