PUMA! Unveiling the 3rd kit, the big teams

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PUMA has released its third kit for the 2021/22 season in the Faster Football Movement slogan that goes outside of the traditional design box.

Starting with “The Blues” Manchester City , the English Premier League champions, have launched a third kit for the 2021/22 season under the slogan of PUMA’s Faster Football Movement, which has the courage to go outside the design box. traditional and enacted new rules for football kits

The 2021/22 Manchester City third kit is design with the intention of breaking the bounds of traditional football design. Blending it with football culture and streetwear.

The race is navy blue, cut with blue. It is characterized by the use of the club crest as an embossed graphic on the fabric. This adds to the uniqueness and character. The most eye-catching feature of the shirt is the club name “ MAN CITY ” located in the center of the front chest. Made with a special club font style. There’s also a PUMA crest in the center to add balance to this jersey.

Fernandinho Manchester City captaincy midfielder also said: “I want something new. I really like the design because the club crest can change over time. But the name of the club will live on forever.”

The Citi 3rd Jersey is made by combining 100% recycled polyester with advanced PUMA dryCELL temperature control technology to ensure a perfect fit and mobility, keeping athletes dry and comfortable while combining construction. Super lightweight on the back of the shirt. to enhance ventilation during wear

Besides Manchester City, there are AC Milan , Valencia, Borussia Monchengladbach, Olympique Marseille, Rennes, Shakhtar Donetsk, Fene. Barbahce
PSV Eindhoven,  

the third set of all teams, will feature two horizontal stripes across the center of the chest. With the team name in letters in the middle between the 2 lines that the Puma logo will be above the team name in the middle of the chest. The sponsor will be under the club name. will be different in the colors of each team